The Red Jet Gooseneck

My name is Benny “The Red Jet” Rodriquez and I would like to take you back to my child hood days of playing ball with the boys at the sandlot. We would play there everyday from dusk to dawn and occasionally we would hit the ball so hard if would go over the fence and land in the neighbors yard.

Mr Grumble who was the man who owned the yard despised us boys for hitting the ball over the fence all the time. He had outdoor gooseneck lighting that lit up the entire backyard.  It was almost a target of ours to hit it there because of the outdoor lighting. He also owned a dog who would eat our baseball that flew over and sometimes that would put a damper in our games because we ran out of ball to use.

barn light gooseneck

I was the fastest kid in town so I would have to jump over the fence and fetch some of our lost balls. The outdoor gooseneck lighting would provide perfect light for me to find our balls. Almost every time I would come out smooth and not wake up the dog. Except one day on July 4 1967, I hopped the fence into the well lit backyard and the dog seemed like he was waiting for me. He charged straight at me and I hopped right back over the fence and the dog just crashed into the fence and knocked it over.

I looked back and he was right on my tale, so I ran as fast as I could through the park and businesses and could not shake him. He must of chased me for over an hour and finally he bit the back of my shoe and took me to the ground. He lunged at my face and started licking me everywhere.

Mr Grumble saw the whole thing at started laughing and from that day on, the fence remained open and we had free reign to go and get our balls. He even gave us a barn light gooseneck he took from his business and let us put it over the field, so we could play at night time.

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